Save money on textbooks!

This nice lady is smiling because she saved money on her college textbooks. If you are unaware, college textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Maybe a three year old textbook that is being held together by tape will be worth 300 dollars eventually. Until that time, the best option is to find your textbooks different places. There are three simple rules that you can follow to save yourself money.

1. Rent if you can

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Buying textbooks can seem like a great idea if you intend to take the course four times in a row. However, if you intend to take it once, try to rent before you buy. After the course is done, the book will most likely be useless. Some books cannot be rented for a reduced price. If it is the same price to rent and buy, just buy it. You can sometimes sell it back to the bookstore or incoming class and save more money.

2. Check online

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The internet gives us access to millions of websites, and a few of these websites can save you money. Before you buy your textbooks check if you can get them cheaper online.

Here are a list of websites to check: (Searches other websites)

Just make sure to check shipping prices. If you can buy from one retailer, they may give you shipping deals. 

3. Look for Electronic books

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Physical textbooks can be very nice to have, but digital textbooks can be a fraction of the price. There are many places to acquire digital copies of textbooks. There are legal and illegal ways to acquire these books. Here are a few legal ways:

  1. Type book name or ISBN and add “PDF” on the end
  2. Go to book publisher’s website and check
  3. Check at your college bookstore, sometimes they will have cheaper, digital books.

Two illegal ways (so that you can avoid these):

  1. (Torrent any book free)
  2. Photocopy a friend’s book!

College is expensive, and every dollar counts. Now that you know how to save money on books, you are unstoppable. Did these tips help you or were they useless? Let me know in the comments!

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